The Science: PLEXR uses plasma to sublimate the skin; the process of transforming solid (skin) into gas. It uses the difference in voltage between the device and the skin, generating a small electrical arc, similar to lightening, which sublimates the fluids contained in the superficial layer of the skin, without unwanted heat transmission to the adjacent tissues. There is no electrical current involved, reducing the risks for the patient, and as it acts only on the superficial layer of the skin, it reduces any potential permanent skin damage that could be caused by the misuse of conventional lasers.
It offers tissue retraction and tightening of the skin with instantaneous results.
Its uses include;
– Non-surgical blepharoplasty (eye lift)
– Acne and post-acne scarring treatment
– Hyperpigmentation treatment
– Mini-lifting eg. Jowls, neck
– Smokers lines removal
– Belly button lifting
– Treatment of scars
– Papulosa nigra removal
– Removal of warts, fibromas, moles, xanthelasma etc.

The Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty

Many people are affected by excess skin on their eyelids, which gives a tired and “aged” appearance. However patients often avoid surgery due to the fear of anaesthetic, the downtime, and the possible complications eg. irreversible visual loss.
This non-ablative blepharoplasty does not use a scalpel or a laser to remove the excess skin, thus avoiding the risks inherent in the traditional procedure. It is “dynamic” – the patient can open and close their eyes during the procedure, showing the skin folds that still need to be treated.
A standard session normally lasts a maximum of 10 minutes, and the carbon crusts, which are smaller than a millimetre, generally fall off between 3-10 days. Immediately after the procedure the treated areas will be red and swollen, typically settling within 48-72 hours. Camouflage oxygenating post-procedure foundation will be provided to use until all redness settled.
A subsequent session may be required after 6-8 weeks to achieve optimum results.

PLEXR in Acne Treatment

PLEXR sublimates the accumulated keratinocytes that contribute to the obstruction of the follicle, and inhibits bacteria growth, so comedones cannot recur in the treated area. It eliminates the cysts and nodules without the risk of scarring, and can be used on existing scarring to stimulate new collagen formation.
In addition, the sublimation of the keratinocytes leads to the increased absorption of topical treatments, increasing their efficacy and avoiding the need for systemic treatment.
Benefits of PLEXR
– No contraindications
– No scarring
– Minimal downtime

What to Expect;

– Carbon crust will fall off after 4-10 days
– Skin will continue contracting for upto 21 days.
– Oxygenetix foundation must be applied until all erythema settled (typically 6 weeks but can take upto 12 in some cases)
– Review at 6-8 weeks – may require a second session for optimum results

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Upper/lower lid blepharoplasty

From £1200

Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty

From £1800

Acne/hyperpigmentation treatment – Half face

From £350

Acne/hyperpigmentation treatment – Full face

From £700

Periumbilical (belly button) lift


Neck lift

From £600

Mini-lift (jawline/jowls)

From £600

Upper lip (smokers) lines


Scar treatment

From £250

Mole/skin tag removal

From £250

*Includes 2 sessions as required, 6-8 weeks apart.


"No end to this ladies talent and skills"

"Very professional and reassuring. Love she is a doctor and knows her stuff you pay for what you get. I am so happy with my treatments. I would highly recommend going and just having a consultation, because you will have booked in before you leave..."

An absolutely amazing woman!

"Not only is her work beyond magazine style of perfection but so is she in the way of making you feel so comfortable and at ease and doesn't get funny about criticism if you show her pics of what you do and don't want! And is more than happy to top up anything you might want a little more of after your first treatment has settled, really highly recommend her to everyone! Prices are very reasonable too!"

"She's such a lovely, professional lady, would definitely recommend her!"

"So happy with my new lips! Went there with no top lip and came out with more than what I was expecting, went in wanting a fuller and more defined top lip! She's such a lovely, professional lady, would definitely recommend her! Made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, was so nervous but was relieved with her confidence and happiness☺️ So happy that I had such a good first experience and was lovely to meet you Becky!❣"

"Becky is amazing at what she does"

"Becky is amazing at what she does, after having a bad experience previous to visiting Becky she really took the time to fix my lips by dissolving then filling. They now look great and I am so happy with them . Thank you!"

"I can't believe how easy & painless my lip filler experience was"

"I can't believe how easy & painless my lip filler experience was. Love my new lips! Was made to feel totally at ease & comfortable. I will definitely not hesitate to return 🙂 x "

"I highly recommend the IV vitamin therapy. You won’t look back!"

This clinic is definitely one of the best I’ve been to and I’ve tried almost all of the local ones, and numerous clinics based in London – Harley Street. What makes this clinic unique is the fact that you get the very latest and best treatments for a fraction of what you would pay at most inner city establishments, yet the level of service, professionalism and beautiful / tranquil surroundings are not compromised by the good value for £. As far as the surrounding area goes there is no comparison to Dr. B, she is one of the most attentive and highly skilled/ experienced GP’s that I ’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. After having my first treatment in this clinic I no longer hop from place to place for my treatments – this in itself is a life changing experience for me.
I highly recommend the IV vitamin therapy. You won’t look back!

"She is such a lovely lady as well as being highly professional and talented"

She is such a lovely lady as well as being highly professional and talented. She has a naturally friendly approach which makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. I am very happy with the results of the Botox and dermal fillers done by Becky recently so would happily recommend her work to anyone.

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Been to Becky a couple of times now , I’d been debating Botox for a while but not plucked up courage.
She makes it easy and almost fun! The fact she is a GP gave me a lot of confidence – lovely treatment room , friendly welcome and easy procedure.

"I can honestly say i wouldn’t go anywhere else for my treatments now"

I can honestly say i wouldn’t go anywhere else for my treatments now. Becky is incredible at what she does and the results speak for themselves. I felt reassured that she is also a practising GP. She is able to combine the utmost professionalism, with being informative, caring and friendly and she has the ability to put you at ease instantly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anew Aesthetics.

"I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the Plexr treatment on my eyes"

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of the Plexr treatment on my eyes . I actually have eyelids now which I can see and the deep crows lines at the corner of my eyes have all literally gone. The healing is great all cleared up in 2 weeks. Can’t wait for my 2nd treatment so excited. Rebecca was brilliant, caring, reassuring and so kind couldn’t have asked for anyone better to do my treatment. Thanks so much. Xx